Our Values



Our Vision

Developing People Through Sports

Our Mission

INNOTEX promotes sport and health as a way of life. We're committed to contribute to people development through health consciousness and positive life values as trained in sport disciplines.
Continuous development of technical team that are passionate about sports development and innovation, guided by significant working cultures to deliver quality and competent service to clients
We ensure our products and services are of best quality, comply to world class standard, certified by International Sport Bodies, with the latest technology to achieve the highest precision level.
Our clients are those who have direct and indirect involvement in sport industry. They are committed to create the market demands from various segment and support the development program in the industry willingly.
We are constantly working with our partners and alliances who has the vision and mission aligned with ours.

Our Past and Present

  • 2009Ideas

    From a humble idea of two friends working in an office the size of a small store room. Usain Bolt was the first motivation
  • 2009Installation

    Scoreboard refurbishment of Stadium Hang Jebat, Melaka
  • 2010Forging Partnerships

    We have been supporting MSSM every year ever since
  • 2011Maintenance

    First scoreboard maintenance project for DBKL under subcontract work
  • 2012Office Upgrade

    We have moved to Jalan Perkasa, Hulu Langat. Now with two stores

Everything else (Q&A)

1What is Innotex?
Innotex System Corporation Sdn Bhd (INNOTEX) is the sole agent for Seiko Time Systems Inc. (Japan) in Malaysia. Besides sports timing, we are a sports solution provider that specialises in products and services like: Timing, Scoring, Data Handling, LED Display, Broadcast solution for major sports events, Design and supply, Maintenance and operation
2How does Innotex Work?
Through the knowledge of meeting each tender's requirement for a successful agreement. Our products and services are sold through our competitive price strategy. Our adequate and highly capable equipment capacity for maximum customer satisfaction.
3What is Sports Timing System?
The sports timing system is designed to measure accurate start and finish time, populate rankings and produce results in an instant. It covers a wide range of sports such as swimming, cycling, running and scoreboard systems.
4Why Should I Choose Innotex?
It is undeniable that there are many larger companies better than us. But what makes our company different from others is that all of our employees are non-smokers. That is our commitment to health and wellbeing.