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April 24, 2019
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April 24, 2019
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Display Board 3 – Double Face Timing System

The number of trials, bib No., fair/foul judgment, distance and other
results can be displayed by using the operation panel on the side
face of the display board or by linking it to a computer system. It
can rotate 90° both ways

Test pattern display
To check the function of the display, test pattern can be displayed.



Electromagnetic 7-segment type (yellow)
Character height … Approx. 305 mm
5 characters x 2 rows (yellow/black, red/ black)

Display data
Number of trials … 1 digit (Red)
Bib No. … 4 digits (Yellow)
Distance / height … 4 digits (Yellow)
Fair / foul judgment … ○ or × (Red)

Rotation angle
External input 90° both ways

Rotation speed

Approx. 15 seconds for a both-way rotation In accordance with RS-422

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