Digital Clock (Independent・Indoor) Wall type – SLC-100W
January 26, 2021
Wall-Mount Type QT-7800 Series (3 circuits)
January 26, 2021
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Wall-Mount Type QT-7800 Series (2 circuits)



Secondary clock circuits : 2 circuits

Master Clock

Crystal oscillator frequency :4.194304 MHz

Time accuracy : Weekly rate of less than ±0.7 seconds (+5℃~+35℃); 0 seconds after time correction

Time display :

  • Master clock – Hour, minute, seconds and date; Year, month, date and day-of-week; Digital 24 hour indication (not displayed during power failure)
  • Monitor clock – 30-second interval hand movement

Time setting

  • Master clock – Setting year, month, date, hour and minute and resetting seconds to “00”
  • Monitor clock – 60X speed quick advance of hands by APC system

Daylight saving time

Set by program imported via USB memory

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